Turtle Police T-shirt.

I’ve heard peeps stating that police response is damn SLOW! But as slow as a TURTLE!?


Tijuana Donkey Show

Ductape T-shirts.

Fuck Chocolate!

Almost every man, husband or boyfriend is buying you for birthday and other occasions or holidays a box of chocolate? It’s time for them to find out what you really want!

I Know Sudoku!

Don’t mess with me cuz i know sudoku, i will sudok the hell out of you!

Bear ridding a shark

Grizzly bear riding a great white shark, wearing a wolf tshirt, armed with a dirty harry revolver. and a nuclear explosion. What can you find funniest than that?

Vampire Pony

Everyone love the pony’s for their cuteness, but this pony is a bloody vampire ready to rip your head off.